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River Easter speaking

Ripple Effect Consulting


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Are you a badass business owner or want to be one? Do you have a burning desire to turn your business into a thriving venture—one that makes you excited to check your bank balance rather than dreading it?

Envision clarity, focus, and confidence replacing overwhelm and uncertainty. Say goodbye to hesitating over follow-up calls; embrace a fearless and confident approach to landing customers and clients.

Embark on a transformative journey toward success with a neuroscience-trained coach who ignites extraordinary achievements. Set yourself apart by working with a distinguished coach who possesses a rare combination of formal education in neuroscience and evidence-based practices—only 5% share this advantage. Discover a personalized, scientifically fortified system that empowers growth, step by step, while eliminating limitations.

Unlike generic methods, my approach customizes coaching to your distinct challenges, effectively dismantling barriers that hinder progress. Unleash your inner badass through mindset shifts and actionable strategies, gaining the confidence, motivation, and clarity to realize your dreams.

Are you ready to elevate your aspirations? Join me on a complimentary call to explore how my education, training, and expertise, combined with your unique dreams and talents, can empower your journey. Together, let's transform your success story. 

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Let's get started! Contact me today to find out how I can help you reach your goals. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon! 


River Easter, MA // Professional Growth Coach | Consultant | Speaker | Educator 

👉🏻 Schedule a call with me. Would love to learn more about you and your business. Here is a link to my calendar so you can set up a time that is convenient for you:

For mindset tips and helpful strategies, please visit my YouTube channel. If you would like to support a fellow member of the Roseville Chamber, I kindly request that you consider liking and subscribing. Thank you!

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River Easter speaking
River Easter speaking on the 5 Key Mindset Strategies for Success at the Roseville Area Chamb

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*RACC Business Membership (Renewals)


River Easter, MA Business Consulting and Coaching
River Easter

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