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McKean Family Law

McKean Family Law


Family Law

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At McKean Family Law A.P.C., we are experts in helping people like you through a wide variety of matters.

The divorce process, custody disputes, domestic violence, property division, and other legal issues of family law are never easy. By nature, these legal issues are extremely personal, and it’s perfectly normal for people going through these matters to feel emotional. However, it can be crucial to have the help of a skilled divorce lawyer to guide you through the legal process, give you candid advice and legal representation, and advocate for your rights in the attorney-client relationship.

The McKean Family Law office has years of experience helping people like you through the divorce process, separation, spousal support, custody of a child, child support, relocation, and more. Contact our law office to schedule a free 30 min. phone initial consultation to learn more, or come visit us in person at our law office at 3500 Douglas Blvd #250, Roseville, CA 95661.

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