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Placer SPCA

Placer SPCA


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All of us at Placer SPCA are proud of our center’s history and our reputation within our diverse community of more than 300,000. Through years of dedication and hard work, the staff and volunteers at Placer SPCA have created a truly unique companion animal center where the animals really do come first, and where we are collectively committed to creating a community where every adoptable companion animal has a loving home.

Founded in 1973, Placer SPCA plays an active role in serving the animals and the people of our community. Placer SPCA is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the humane treatment of animals in Placer County as well as a safer, healthier community overall. Placer SPCA is funded solely by donations, grants, bequests and fees for service.

In its early years, Placer SPCA operated without a shelter facility of its own and was run entirely through volunteers who found foster homes for the animals. In 1995, a shelter was completed which now houses over 4,000 animals a year and includes an education room and treatment rooms for sick and injured animals.

Today, Placer SPCA continues to grow and provide many innovative programs to enhance animal well-being and improve adoptability, such as: kennel enrichment and socialization strategies, behavior modification counseling and training, foster care and mobile adoption. We also work closely with the community to provide adoption counseling, spay/neuter assistance and education, pet lost and found, humane education, collaborative rescue efforts, and volunteer opportunities.

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**RACC Non-Profit Membership (Renewal)


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Special Events Coordinator

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Executive Assistant

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Marketing Manager

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