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Triscapes Commercial Landscaping LLC

Triscapes Commercial Landscaping LLC



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TriScapes Commercial Landscaping is a local family run business that cares for commercial properties in Placer and Sacramento Counties. Most of our clients are in Roseville, Folsom, Auburn and Sacramento. We love working outside while creating and maintaining beautiful places and we thank you for paying us to do what we love.

According to marketing experts, “New” is worth 15 points when it comes to driving in customers. Our clients plants are healthy, colorful and clean cut to keep that new look year round.

We “care” for your property. When we do quality assurance and we find issues that require discussions with employees the message to our employees is this.

triscapes landscaping team
“We care for our clients’ properties. When you skip a task or walk over a weed without pulling it, you are not “caring” for our customer and therefore you don’t care about your job and therefore we don’t care to employ people who don’t care about our clients properties.” At the end of the day all of our employees care for our clients properties because they know how important it is to us. We like employing people who like doing a good job and actually take good care of the plants and landscape and we like having clients that like the same thing.

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*RACC Business Membership (Renewals)


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